The ABM Treaty in a Changed World

This first publication of the Center's Capitol Hill Forum Series is a collection of presentations made at the February 18, 1999, Capitol Hill Forum, all addressing one of the most important national security issues facing the nation today. The future of the ABM Treaty has been debated between those who claim the Treaty is a "cornerstone of stability" and those who view it as a relic of the Cold War, serving only to keep the American people vulnerable to real national security threats. This publication includes contributions by former Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey; former SDI Director Ambassador Henry F. Cooper; General Counsel to the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Mary Elizabeth Hoinkes; and Professor of Security Studies at National Defense University and former U.S. Commissioner to the Standing Consultative Commission, Ambassador Robert F. Joseph.

Written by Geoffrey Kemp et al.
Published by the Center for National Security Law, 1999. ISBN 0-917193-00-8
January, 1999

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