The Korean War Was Stalin's Show

The Occasional Paper Series was launched in 1999 with the publication of William T. Lee's work, The Korean War Was Stalin's Show. Mr. Lee spent thirteen years as a Soviet economic and military analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency. From 1981 until his retirement in 1992, Mr. Lee was with the Senior Executive Service of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Mr. Lee's research shows that, contrary to conventional wisdom, Soviet archives document Stalin's March 1949 decision to help the North Korean army attain "overwhelming superiority" over South Korean forces. Dismantling "revisionist" interpretations of the Korean War, Mr. Lee argues that Stalin ordered North Korea's military aggression as part of a plan to achieve Soviet foreign policy goals while hiding the USSR's nuclear inadequacy from the United States.

Written by William T. Lee
Published by the Center for National Security Law, 1999.
March, 1999

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