Current Research of John Norton Moore

Freedom & Authority (book project, unpublished).

Solving the War Puzzle, 2nd Edition (book project, unpublished). Anticipated completion date 2018.

Current Research of Robert F. Turner

National Security and the Constitution -- The role of the President, Congress, and the Senate concerning the use of military force, diplomacy and treaty making, intelligence, and other national security issues. (Primary ongoing project.) (Update of SJD dissertation, National Security and the Constitution, to be published as a trilogy.)

International Terrorism -- Focusing on such legal issues as the right of victims of terrorism to use force in self-defense, whether such force may be used directly against foreign leaders who order or facilitate acts of terrorism, and other issues raised by the 9/11 attacks. Also looking at civil liberties and human rights issues associated with detention and possible trials of suspected terrorists.

Vietnam War -- Working to educate people about the realities of the war in Vietnam to prevent drawing the wrong lessons and continuing to hamstring U.S. policy options.

Operation Iraqi Freedom -- Legal and moral implications of the U.S. decision to intervene with armed force in Iraq.